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JoAnn Street

When the “Buddha of Bourbon”– Jimmy Russell – is your grandfather, it’s not a stretch to image a career working in the family business. Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, JoAnn’s first bourbon-centric memory was attending conventions with Mimmy (a nickname Jimmy’s grandchildren use) at a young age.

While manning the booth, she embedded herself in the Wild Turkey culture – learning all she could along the way. Her opportunity to immerse herself firsthand continued when she transferred to the University of Kentucky bringing her a bit closer to the family distillery.

Starting as a tour guide in the Visitor Center, JoAnn learned the meticulous craft behind America’s native spirit. She eventually became an event planner and brand ambassador for the distillery, bringing to life the passion the Russell’s have for the bourbon industry. JoAnn believes, like her grandfather and uncle, that keeping bourbon in the family is a recipe for success.

“My favorite part about working for Wild Turkey is the incredible people that make up the spirits community, and the privilege of interacting with them daily. Whether it be family, coworkers, friends or strangers, I feel like I’m constantly learning something new. I love being on my toes and the adrenaline rush of seeing our products succeed.”

Like her cousin Bruce before her, Street’s role as a brand ambassador encompasses both the Wild Turkey and Russell’s Reserve portfolio of bourbons and ryes. However, as part of her new role, she will use her voice and knowledge as a spokesperson for Campari America’s “Women & Whiskies” – a program that fosters community and empowerment while bringing women together to enjoy whisk(e)y.

JoAnn currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where she enjoys working out, hanging with friends and watching documentaries about anything. Like any good cocktail connoisseur, JoAnn has her favorites - a Kentucky Spirit Old Fashioned and the Paper Plane.