Ancient Alcohol Tour
Explore the Archaeology of Booze!

This year, we are offering a booze tour for 20 VIP ticket holders through the Penn Museum's galleries with the "Indiana Jones of Ancient Ales, Wines, and Extreme Beverages", Pat McGovern. He will guide you on a 1/2 hour tour of the museum's collection of ancient drinking vessels and alcohol related relics from antiquity.

Explore how our ancestors partied like it was 5000 BCE! On this guided tour of the Penn Museum, check out early drinking vessels that reveal secrets of ancient Greek drinking games and the beverage served at a feast hosted by King Midas. Get up close to examine one of the world’s oldest wine jars, a queen’s golden beer straw, and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict alcohol rations for the afterlife. Plunge into the studies of a Penn Museum biomolecular archaeologist who collected samples of fermented beverages from ancient vessels and has brought some of these potent “time capsules” back to life using chemical analysis.

Quench your thirst for knowledge of bygone brews on your tour with your own taste-test of Midas Touch, the most awarded of the Dogfish Head brews, created in part by the biomolecular archaeologist.

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