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Winner of 2019 Whiskey Under 4 Years Award of Excellence

Manatawny Still Works Peated Whiskey's trophy was accepted by distillery representative, Arthur Etchells.


Winner of 2019 Judge's Choice Award

Sagamore Spirit's Regional Market Manager, Heather Shapiro, accepted the 2019 Judge's Choice Award for Sagamore Spirit's Cask Strength Rye. This award is given to the whiskey that stands out to the judges as their overall favorite. All judging is done by blind tasting, so this award is particularly desirable.   


Winner of 2019 Straight Bourbon Whiskey Award of Excellence

Heaven Hill's On Premise Area Manager, Tim Barling, accepted the award for 2019's Straight Bourbon Award of Excellence. Elijah Craig's Small Batch Straight Bourbon stood out in a very well represented bourbon field! 



Winner of 2019 Straight Rye Whiskey Award of Excellence

Sagamore Spirit's Cask Stregth Straight Rye Whiskey took two awards on April 5th! The handblown glass trophy for 2019's Straight Rye Whiskey Award of Excellence was accepted by Sagamore Spirit's Regional Market Manager, Heather Shapiro. 


Winner of 2019 American Small Grain Whiskey Award

Manatwany Still Works' Regional Manager, Arthur Etchells, accepted two Awards on behalf of Mantawany Still Works. Both 2019's Whiskey Under 4 Years and American Small Grain Whiskey Awards of Excellence went to a local, Pennsylvania distillery!  

Our judges are highly skilled and experienced samplers and the entries come from distilleries across the country- did we mention the tastings are blind? Well done Manatwany Still Works!


People's Choice Award

This year's People's Choice Award went to George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery. The award was accepted by Mount Vernon's own Steve Bashore and Luke Pecararo.
The People's Choice Award is awarded by the guests of the event. Each guest is given a chip to vote with when they enter the event. It is their prerogative to deposit their chip in any one of the voting boxes on each vendor table. Voting ends 1 hour before the event ends and the distillery with the most chips wins.