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Fund Raising for Whiskey 

The American Whiskey Convention was created by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation in 2016. Each year, we expand upon the year before and create new and exciting themes to inspire our guests. The proceeds from each year's event are invested in the SeedSpark Project which aims to return long-lost heritage grains to the American whiskey industry and bring those traditional grain flavors back to our nation's distilleries and to their whiskeys.  

Traditional Flavor Grains

The DVFF has created the SeedSpark Project to return heritage and landrace grains to PA. Our work thus far has been with rye grain and heirloom corn varietals that haven't been used to make whiskey in over 50 years!

Supporting Our Local Farmers

Over the last 6 years, the DVFF has been crafting relationships between farmers and distillers and encouraging the use of heritage grains. Our research and development with with these grains is shared with interested farmers.

The successes of our local distilleries are shared by the local farms and agricultural businesses that they impact. As we say at the DVFF, "HAVE A DRINK, HELP A FARMER!" 


Working to Grow Grain Storage 

Craft distilling in the US cannot sustain itself without adequate infrastructure for the grain market. Grain must be dried, cleaned, stored, and maintained in bins while waiting to be purchased in specific amounts by interested distillers. Farmers, in order to work with distillers, must have the means to store their harvested grain and the DVFF hopes to help them meet these needs. 

Creating Communication

The DVFF helps to open lines of communication between the 140+ distillers within the state of Pennsylvania through the use of our DVFF Directory. We help to facilitate educational and informative meetings between distillers, local farmers, and members of the grain supply chain.

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