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Alan Bishop

Alan Bishop is a southern Indiana Farmer-Distiller tied to his home county of Washington and his hometown, Pekin. His background is in independent seed breeding and he dabbles in historic re-enactments, research, and community volunteering.

Alan, his wife and daughter (Kimberly and Penny) and his extended family operate a small farm known locally as "Bishop's Homegrown". He also works on an ever evolving “proto” business called “Face Of The Earth” which focuses on the development of agricultural/horticultural varietals for distilling as well as on distillery consultation. Today, his expertise has placed him in the position of head distiller at the Spirits of French Lick in Orange county, Indiana. 

Alan is deeply passionate about the connection forged between agriculture and distillation. With a life spent on a family owned farm and a profession in plant breeding, Alan is deeply committed to fully exploring the history and future of distilling in Indiana. A self-described "lifelong student of the art of distillation and an avid researcher of distilling heritage," Alan brings 19 years’ worth of experience to the table at Spirits of French Lick.