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Master Distillers & 
American  Whiskey Experts 


Lisa Roper Wicker

President & Head Distiller at Widow Jane Distillery

Consulting Distiller at George Washington's Mount Vernon

Distiller/Product Specialist at Starlight Distillery

Former Whiskey production/Winemaker at Limestone Branch Distillery


Becky Harris

Owner, Chemical Engineer and Chief Distiller at Catoctin Creek Distillery

Board Member of the
American Craft Spirits Association

Listed by Food and
Wine as one of the
“6 Women in Whiskey to Watch”


Greg Metze

Master Distiller for Old Elk Distillery

Former Master Distiller at Seagrams (now known as MGP Products) Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Consultant with 38 years distilling experience


Dick Stoll

Master Distiller at Stoll & Wolfe Distillery

Master Distiller at Michter's Distillery in Shafferstown, Pennsylvania until 1990


Larry Ebersold

Former Master Distiller at Seagrams Distillery (now known as MGP) in Lawrenceberg, Indiana from 1972-2010

Referred to as "the Godfather of Rye"

Consultant with nearly 50 years distilling experience


Rick Wasmund

Founder of Copper Fox Distillery

Built the first traditional malt floor and kiln in a North American distillery since the repeal of Prohibition


Ralph Erenzo

Founder, distiller and partner of Hudson Whiskey

35 years of production and
development experience

Helped to pass New York's
Farm Distillery Act, which permits New York farms to establish distilleries on site and sell their agricultural spirits at the farm


Max Pfeffer

Head Distiller at Manatawny Still Works

Chemical Engineer, fermentation expertise developed at Sly Fox and Victory Brewing


Alan Bishop

Master Distiller for Spirits of French Lick Distillery

Independent Seed Breeder and Grain Farmer


Robert Cassell

Co-founder and master distiller at Connacht Whiskey Comapny

Co-Founder and master distiller at New LIberty Distillery 

Co-Founder and former Master Distiller at Philadelphia Distilling


Mike Swanson

Head Distiller at Far North Spirits

Creator of Far North Spirits' Seed Vault Series

Spearheading a study funded by the University of Minnesota to determine flavor contributions from 15 different varietals of rye grain


JoAnn Street 

Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey and Russell’s Reserve

Granddaughter of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell

Niece of Master Distiller Eddie Russell 


Michael Veach

Filson Historical Society Bourbon Historian

Author of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage

2006 Inductee into Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame


Shane Merriam

Bourbon Provocateur and world traveler

Represenative for Garrison Brothers Whiskeys


Robin Robinson

Author of The Complete Whiskey Course: A Comprehensive Tasting School In Ten Classes

Consultant for small spirits brands across the US


Daniella Solano

Whiskey Ambassador for Jefferson's Whiskeys

Detroit native and spirits expert